The Art of Goal Setting

Image Source: Sayville UMC

We all have goals, whether big or small. For me, more often than not, I end up with a lot of things left unfinished and this makes me frustrated. I usually get bursts of energy where I write down a bunch of things I want to do and then I get overwhelmed. If you have also felt this way about your tasks, here are the biggest things I’ve learned to accomplish them efficiently.

Start with small goals, or break bigger ones down. We can take small bites more easily than big chunks, so slowly introduce yourself to whatever goal you are trying to reach. The more specific you can get, the better. If you want to become more active, for instance, you can write down that you want to work out 1 hour a day, and break down how many minutes you want to spend on each activity within that hour. As an example, you can write down that you have to do 15 minutes of ab workouts, 30 minutes of cardio, and 15 minutes of upper body training. This looks a lot less overwhelming on your to-do list than writing down vaguely that you have to work out for a whole 60 minutes. You are still exercising for the same amount of time, but you are training your brain to be more receptive to accomplishing your goal by breaking it down into smaller parts that look more manageable.

Goals can include fun activities too. Oftentimes, we think of goals as tasks we need to do for work, for the future, or for bigger life purposes. Though this is true, this mindset sometimes makes tasks seem tedious and boring. In between my “bigger” goals, I like to make recreational to-do items like learning to bake 3 new recipes by the end of the week, or getting through my list of YouTube makeup videos where I want to recreate those looks. Redefining the word “goal” to include many things in your life makes the process of planning them out and accomplishing them a lot more enjoyable.

I hope these tips will help you in reaching your goals!