New Aesthetic Alert: Mermaidcore

Image Source: @koleendz on Instagram

If you ever did handstands in the pool or played mermaids as a kid, mermaidcore is the trend for you. With the recent release of The Little Mermaid, it’s no surprise that beach fashion is taking over right now. Mermaidcore is just one of this summer’s newest fashion trends. 

Mermaidcore is exactly what it sounds like: an aesthetic that emulates all things mermaid and ocean-related. Think conch shells, seaweed, pearls, and sand dollars. A variety of different colors can be used for this trend, ranging from sea green to light blue to off-white. Light pinks and purples are also popular. You may have also heard of Sirencore, which is a subgenre of the mermaidcore aesthetic and is fairly similar, except a bit darker. A channel called Beepworld has a YouTube video that breaks down mermaidcore perfectly. 

Sheer fabrics, knitted sweaters, and cover-ups are go-to pieces for this trend. Iridescent and sequined fabrics are also worn to echo the shimmer of a mermaid’s tail. For shirts, try wearing bra tops, cropped shirts, spaghetti straps, or loose sleeves. You can also layer with a fishnet or knitted top. Urban Outfitters and Princess Polly have great options to spark inspiration. 

Image Source: Urban Outfitters
Image Source: Princess Polly

Skirts, sarongs, and dresses are key to being a true mermaid. Styles vary from short, sheer, and knitted to long, flowy, and dramatic. Cider, Amazon, and Princess Polly have a variety of linen and tasseled skirts. Pants aren’t very popular for this trend, but they can work as long as they’re loose and made for the beach. 

Image Source: Princess Polly
Image Source: Amazon

Makeup is another aspect of the mermaidcore trend. Aim for a more dewy look. You can use shimmery eyeshadow, adhesive pearls, highlighter, and lip gloss. Any accessory with pearls, seashells, or starfish perfectly showcases the ‘I just washed up on land’ look. 

Image Source: @hannahhennigar on TikTok

If mermaidcore is calling your name like a siren’s song, give in to temptation and give this trend a try before the summer ends!