Thank you for your interest in joining our team at 60 Seconds! Here you can find our current staff and management openings. Our publication's internships operate on a semester basis. Our semesters run as follows:
FALL (September - December) | SPRING (January - April) | SUMMER (May - August)
For our Staff Writer internships, we accept applications year-round and new interns will join us at the start of the next semester. Internships can be renewed on a semesterly basis.
For our Editor and Manager internships, we review applications on a case-by-case basis for current open positions. Applicants should be current college or high school students. Interns are eligible to receive school credits.
Interested applicants should sent a resume and cover letter addressed to Sherri Scheck-Merrill at

Open Positions

This is a remote internship. Staff Writers will be responsible for producing weekly articles for each Tab they write for, in accordance with the themes/prompts sent by the Tab Editor(s). Articles will be published on the 60 Seconds Magazine website upon submission of final, edited draft. Writers will communicate in a timely manner with their editors to ensure that deadlines are consistently met and articles are written in a polished, professional manner.
Duties and Responsibilities
Staff Writers can write for as many tabs as they wish, and will be responsible for meeting each tab’s individual article specifications.
- Communicating with Tab Editors to ensure that all deadlines are met and Tab Editor expectations are fulfilled for each article produced.
- Producing weekly journalistic articles following the theme/prompt for the relevant tab. Articles will be properly researched, and sources for images, quotes, and other relevant content must be properly cited and sourced.
- Writers will submit a Live Resume and complete an Executive Interview within the first semester of the internship.
- Writers should communicate with their Tab Editor(s) and the Social Media Manager for sharing publications. Articles should be publication worthy, as this internship will provide an opportunity to build an online presence and professional writing portfolio

We are actively seeking writers interested in the Style and Hidden Gems tabs for the summer semester.

This is a remote internship. The Lifestyle Editor will be responsible for overseeing writers in the Lifestyle tab and providing thorough copyediting and proofreading of article submissions before publication. They will work closely with the Editorial and Content Managers to ensure all writers under their tab are meeting submission deadlines, and will coordinate with the Social Media Manager on deciding articles to highlight on 60 Second Magazine’s social media pages.
Duties and Responsibilities
The Lifestyle Editor is responsible for overseeing interns writing for all tabs under this tab.
- Assigning weekly prompts
- Providing copyediting and proofreading for articles before publication
- Working closely with the Content, Editorial, and Social Media Managers
- Maintaining article deadlines
- Attending monthly editorial board meetings