Pandemic Limbo

Image via Citizen Times

Right now, a lot of us are experiencing a weird limbo in the pandemic. Many people are going to be eligible for the vaccine soon, and some are already vaccinated. Despite the fact that things are looking up, we can’t jump into our “normal” lifestyles from before. This leaves us stuck between pandemic protocol and our previous freedom that’s just within our grasp.

This is no fun limbo to be in. It’s easy to feel impatient and frustrated with this process because we’re so close yet so far—and then there are those negative thoughts that the pandemic will surge again once we return to some kind of normalcy. If you’re anything like me, anxiety, restlessness, depression, and more are brewing in your mind as we inch towards an uncertain finish line. So what can we do to combat these feelings?

One thing I have been doing to counter my anxiety and doubt is writing down moments or activities I enjoyed during my day. Anything from a calming car ride with good music to doing a fun activity with my housemates makes me happy, and when I sit down at the end of my day and reflect on these moments, it makes me feel better. Life can still be enjoyable despite the weird spot we’re in with the pandemic. Sometimes we just need to take a second to sit and reflect on what still makes us smile throughout the day.