Picnics and Drive-Throughs

Image via WikiClipArt

Although there is hope that the pandemic is improving and life should return to normal soon, it is still important to remain safe and continue social distancing. This also means avoiding attending large gatherings and only hanging out with a few people, if any.

My favorite activity that allows my friends and me to stay safe while still having fun is picnics. Picnics are a great way to get fresh air while maintaining social distancing rules. My friends and I usually do a potluck, where we each bring one food. For instance, last week I had a picnic with three of my friends, and we had mac n cheese, pizza, homemade brownies, and salad. Another unique twist to add to the potluck is that all the food has to be homemade. This provides a good opportunity to try cooking new foods and sharing them with your friends. At the picnics, we also bring a volleyball and board games for some fun activities to do.

Another activity is to go through different drive-throughs with your friends and try out new foods. For instance, Starbucks is the perfect place to try out new drinks that might not even be on the menu. My friends and I sometimes like to go to Starbucks and ask the workers for their favorite drink and try it out. Also, I have not personally tried this, but I have seen many people go to drive-throughs and order whatever the person in front of them ordered. This is a fun way to spend time with friends while trying different foods you might not have ever tried before.

Even though staying at home and social distancing is tough, there are still many ways to hang out with a few friends and have fun! Two fun activities are to have a picnic/potluck and to go through drive-throughs to try new foods.