Calming Nighttime Routine

Image via Minimalism

I take my nighttime routine very seriously. I have a set of practices that are a must before I get into bed. I’m a big believer in calming, relaxing self-care, especially before sleeping.

The routine usually starts at around 9:30, as I am an early sleeper. I start by taking my nighttime vitamin supplements: Vitamin B, Probiotic, Vitamin C, and Magnesium.

Then, I wash my face and apply Vitamin C serum and toner. I like to also spray some rose water after for that extra lovely scent! Then, I go through the obvious – toothbrushing.

When I am done with those, I go down to my room, change into my PJ’s, crack open my window slightly, and light my vanilla candle. Then I sit in my chair and start to journal about my day. Sometimes it’s short, and sometimes it’s long. It just depends on what I did that day.

Before I crawl into my bed, I blow out my candle. Before dozing off, recently, I’ve been re-watching New Girl, so I’ll watch an episode or two of that.