Tips for a Good Nighttime Routine

Image via Inc.

There are many things we need to do to stay healthy, and it seems like that list is always growing. One of the most important things to do to live a healthy life is to prioritize sleep. That also means setting up a good nighttime routine so that you actually get the rest you need while you sleep. Here are a few things I do that you might find useful too:

1. Do something you enjoy

I usually like to relax by watching some TV or a movie at the end of the day. After working all day, it’s nice to turn my brain off and get lost in another world for a while. Find something you enjoy doing that doesn’t take too much energy so you can relax and have fun.

2. Stretch

While I watch TV, I usually do some simple stretches to work through the aches and knots accumulated during the day. It feels good to get nice and loose, and then it’s that much more satisfying to sink into bed later.

3. Be aware of your day

I used to go straight to reading or trying to sleep after watching TV, but a few months ago, I began journaling before getting into bed.  Sometimes it’s my thoughts about the world, my life, or things that make me happy, but often it’s just a quick summary of the day. There’s something cathartic to recounting everything I did that makes each day seem significant. Instead of moving through this pandemic on autopilot, writing down what I do gives everything some measure of importance, whether it’s “I applied for a job!” or “I ate food because I was hungry.” It prevents the days from blurring together and helps me keep moving forward.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the importance of a good nighttime routine. A good night’s sleep is essential to starting the next day well, and a proper nighttime routine will lead to more consistent and restful sleep.