TV Review: A Teacher

During this time, school is priority. It feels like there is a never-ending load of assignments and not enough time to complete them all. I found myself staring at the ceiling from being so brain dead that I couldn’t bring myself back to focus. I told myself “self-care” because I needed to pull myself out of this zombie state. In my mission to do so, I decided a distracting tv show would be very helpful in this case. A Teacher was plastered all over social media, claiming it to be an incredible series. Not having a clue what the show was about, I started the first episode. I didn’t even bother to read the description, I figured I would understand the show eventually, why waste the energy I don’t have?

From the start, I could tell this would be a show of interest. The show takes a rather naughty idea of a teacher sleeping with one of their students and exemplifies it. Now this is a concept that is considered taboo and frankly, illegal, which makes it all the more interesting. There’s an underlying portrayal of love and intense passion displayed between the teacher and the student, much more apparent than the love from her marriage. As a viewer, you can feel the awkwardness of her interactions with her husband and start to understand her fantasizing about her student. I understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it wasn’t something I was entirely sold on during the first episode, but I felt myself being roped into this story. I had continuous questions of if they will be caught, what might happen to each of them, and how will this be handled in a public setting.