“Gifted”: A Heartwarming Tale

I love reading books and watching tv. However, with all the work that school hands out along with the hours I pick up at my job, I rarely have any free time. This means that I am often unable to sit down and read a book, or even get fully invested in a new tv show. However, when things are slow and I have an hour or two to kill, I am able to watch a movie. Recently I had the pleasure of watching the movie Gifted, which weaves the tale of a girl whose mother was a mathematical genius. This gene was passed down to her daughter, and after her suicide, her daughter was left in the care of her uncle.

The viewer follows the lives of both the little girl and her uncle through the discovery that the little girl is a mathematical prodigy. Her uncle is insistent upon the fact that his sister would have wanted her little girl to have a normal life, whereas the little girl’s grandmother, an extremely intense woman who pushed her daughter to have an extraordinary life involving mathematics since she was a child, wants the little girl to use her talents to the best of her abilities. This results in broken families and lost souls, which ultimately portrays the theme of ultimate happiness in a life that expects greatness. Through an intense amount of emotion and detailed personal storytelling, Gifted is to portray family in a whole new and heartwarming light that allows the audience to fully experience what it is truly like to love and be loved.

This movie is a great option for anyone who is looking for a film with deep and true connection involved, and is most certainly one that you can’t go wrong watching. The meaning of life is a tricky concept that many struggle with throughout their lifetime, and this film is able to give people just one view on how that question can be answered.