Review: To a T

Image Source: YouTube

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd, one of country’s it couples, have nothing but romance flowing between them. Hurd’s song “To a T” is just his way of expressing his love for Morris.

From the crescendo in the beginning, to the pulsating beat with the steady drum, a certain allure flows from this song. The production set the stage for the vibe of the song well. The sweet lyrics just add to it: “Girl, I’ll take my ti-ime, dot every I, I, baby, I, I, I got you down to a T.” Hurd shows that not only is he dedicated to his wife, but he is also willing to take his time with her.

Although Hurd still has a journey to fame ahead of him, his music should not be forgotten. “To a T” exemplifies his ability to use his baritone strength to produce smooth vocals. The romantic lyrics and production are definitely the factors that cause this particular song of his to stand out.

With February almost here, and Valentine’s Day along with it, love is in the air. Try listening to Ryan Hurd’s “To a T” to spark some amorous feelings this season.