Review: Paper Hearts

Image Source: Goodreads

A Wattpad originated series, Paper Hearts by Ali Novak is the sequel to The Heartbreakers, following Felicity as she uncovers a family secret and goes on a spontaneous road trip shortly after meeting Alec from The Heartbreakers, a wildly popular boy band.

Although cheesy and unrealistic, I adored The Heartbreakers and loved every second reading the first novel where readers get a glimpse of the band members, including Alec. With the sequel however, I was hoping to learn more about Alec, but instead, I found myself a little disappointed despite enjoying Paper Hearts.

Felicity is a well-written character who struggles with her mother’s expectations, and many readers can relate to her struggles with saving for college. I especially enjoyed reading about her relationship with her best friends, Asha and Boomer, as they went on a search for her sister.

Paper Hearts is perfect for those who want a quick read with a boy band romance, family issues and strong friendships.