The Importance of Self-Care

Image Source: Bolt

In all aspects of life, self-care is crucial to one’s health and an essential habit to practice. To me, self-care means a combination of doing activities that bring you happiness and comfort while at the same time exercising a more positive attitude towards life.

I like to express myself through art, whether it be drawing or writing. Art allows me to take a breather from the overall stress of school, work, and my personal life. It’s important to have a specific hobbie that enables you to let go of whatever pent up energy you have inside you; it can range from art to sports to cooking. 

Being optimistic also helps with your outlook on life. I’ve met many pessimistic people and I’ve seen how their beliefs affect them. It seems as though they are never satisfied. Please take a second to think about what has been stressing you out and rationalize it. Then, take a breath, and put that thought aside. Let yourself take a proper break before coming back to it. I promise this will help.