Putting Yourself First

Image Source: Kristina Nguyen

Nowadays, with a lot of us being extremely busy and preoccupied with work and school, it can be hard to set aside time just for ourselves. Being alone doesn’t always equal lonelinesshaving time to yourself can be very enjoyable and beneficial. It’s extremely important to have periods of alone time to either relax, set some new goals for yourself, or to go on a solo adventure. The choice is completely yours!

When I need time to myself to just unwind and think about things, I’ll take a drive and go to the beach or anywhere outside. I’m someone who likes to wander around, so going to quaint shopping areas is super fun and it’s really relaxing to go into all the shops, check everything out, or grab a cup of coffee. Although it’s definitely fun to go places with friends, you don’t have to depend on others’ schedules if you go by yourself. Some of the best solo adventures that I’ve gone on are spontaneous ones where I’ve just dropped what I was doing at home and decided to take a fun break!

If you prefer to be at home, you can enjoy your time by listening to your favorite music while baking or exploring a new hobby. You can also draft a list of things you want to accomplish in the year, plan out things you want to do, redecorate your room, or just lounge around and watch YouTube! The best part of alone time is that you can divide that time however you want to and do whatever you feel like doing at that moment.

Having a “me” day every now and then gives you time to focus on developing your own personal life and it can boost your happiness, too. It’s essential to have a balance between different aspects of your life and treating yourself every now and then is a great way to do that!