Summer Hats

The summer sun can hit hard, and if you burn easily like me, that means sunscreen and hats are essential for survival. Hats add a touch of style to your outfit while keeping your face young and healthy.

Boater hats are a very popular boho-style hat. They have a summer beach-day vibe to them and provide shade for most of your face. 

Most commonly made of straw, boater hats often have a sash of cloth around the trim giving each one a different style. I like a black or white sash as it makes the hat easier to pair. 

Boater hats such as the one below would look great with a floral dress, sandal, and long necklace for example.

Photo from Orchid Boheme

Floppy hats are also a popular summer choice. Though very similar to a boater hat, the difference is, as the name suggests, the way the brim holds. 

Floppy hats also tend to have a sash of cloth around the trim and provide shade for most of your face. 

In fact, floppy hats can most often be paired with the same outfits as boater hats. They also look great at the beach while you sit and watch the ocean in your swimsuit.

Photo from Target

Though not necessarily a summer-specific hat, a fedora like the one below will also protect you nicely from the sun. 

Available in different materials and colors, fedoras often give off a cowboy vibe. Greatly paired with shorts and a flannel or plaid patterned top, this hat will bring you straight to the southern desert.

Photo from Anthropologie

This next hat comes in multiple styles: the bucket hat. Bucket hats are suitable for multiple activities and outfits 

A crocheted bucket hat may not protect you much from the sun but will give style to your outfit. 

This typical 90s hat will look great with a plain t-shirt, shorts, and a denim jacket.

Photo from Kate Spade

The second type of bucket hat is the typical fishing style hat. Made more for outdoor summer activities, it protects you from the sun. 

Sometimes this hat comes with a string to tighten under the chin so as not to lose it on a windy day. This hat can get wet and is great for outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking.

Photo from Urban Outfitters

Finally, on the theme of sports is the typical baseball cap. Great for any of the previously listed activities a bucket hat can be used for, a baseball cap fits tighter on the head and can be used for running. 

This hat will immediately give a sports vibe to your outfit and will pair nicely with simple shorts and t-shirts.

When it comes to hats, there is one for every style and activity. They help keep your skin young, healthy, and out of the sun, preventing future wrinkles and skin cancer.