Hats for Summer

Photo from Windsor

Hats are a unique accessory to any outfit, especially summer ones. I love to try different styles and mix and match with a variety of summer dresses and skirts. 

The right hat can frame your face and accentuate your hair and skin tone. Just remember to smear on some sunblock before donning your favorite pick.

The classic black wide-brim hat is my absolute favorite because it can accent so many different looks. I personally prefer witchier get-ups, so pair this kind of hat with a black or grey slip or a pair of shorts with a band t-shirt.

If you want to go all out, add a crystal necklace or a dark choker. I wore my favorite black hat on a trip to Joshua Tree and found it incredibly helpful with keeping the sand out of my eyes.

If you want to personalize this kind of hat, I suggest buying a few kinds of colored ribbons or pieces of lace to tie around the brim; it’s a budget-friendly way to utilize the same hat in different ways. You could even get a little crafty and hot glue some silk roses onto the hem.

Photo from Amazon

Vintage hats are always in style, especially during the hotter months. I love the smaller, shell-like hats with tulle or floral accents. 

These hats are available in a ton of different places, including online thrift stores, Etsy, or in nearly every antique shop. You can use them as an old-timey flourish on a modern outfit or rock the pin-up look with a similarly retro swimsuit or dress. 

Just remember with vintage pieces you have to be extra careful to maintain the fragile fabrics like silk and tulle.

Polka dots and pleated fabrics look especially elegant with these kinds of hats. As far as color goes, neutrals are my favorite choices for these hats, especially beige, grey, brown, and ivory. 

The closer cropped caps also cling to your head more and stay better in high winds. These accessories remain fun and timeless while protecting you from the rays!