Stranger Things, Stunning Things

Image Source: Netflix

A thrilling drama taking place in a 1983 small Indiana town, Stranger Things shocked viewers immediately after premiering on Netflix in 2016.

Following Joyce Byers, a terrified mother whose son–Will–goes missing the show’s story focuses on her frantic search with the help of Will’s closest friends and Sheriff Jim Hopper. As they get deeper into their investigation, the gang discover suspicious government experiments, supernatural powers, and a peculiar little girl.

Alluring its audience with an incredibly unique concept, Stranger Things contains lovable characters, powerful twists, and an eerie setting. Do not be hindered by the supernatural elements, however, as the show remains relatable through the phenomenal character portrayal and the epic relationships between every character. Viewers are easily immersed and soon find themselves concerned for a mother who will do anything to see her child again, two awkward kids developing romantic feelings for the first time, and a rebellious teenage girl who feels overprotected by her parents.

Stranger Things has it all and is truly the perfect package.