Review: Stardew Valley

Image Source: Chucklefish

Loved for its simplistic yet extensive content, Chucklefish’s farm simulation game Stardew Valley continues to gain a strong following in the gaming community.

The game begins with the player’s customizable character quitting their city job and moving into “Stardew Valley” to live as a farmer. From there, players are free to earn money from fishing, mining, or raising crops, as well as befriend the townspeople in the valley.

Despite similarities to games that inspired its creation, Stardew Valley includes different features that sets itself apart from Story of Seasons. One of its more unique features is allowing players to have same-sex relationships with the 12 marriage candidates in the game.

“You felt at home there, you felt safe. And while the game world was small, you didn’t feel like you were forced down a linear path. You could plan out and work on your farm in your own way. That appealed to me more than the huge, linear adventures that other RPG’s sent you on,” game designer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone told Matador Review in regards to Stardew Valley’s predecessors.

Gamers interested in Stardew Valley can look forward to playing a relaxing game with different techniques to develop your farm and complete side stories of the townspeople.