IGTV Transforms Instagram

Image Source: iTunes

The popular social media app, Instagram, did some spring cleaning just in time for summer 2018, and along with brushing up the look of their app, Instagram has added some new features for their faithful users.

The most notable new feature is the IGTV application, which allows the user to  browse videos specific to them, the people they follow, or the popular pages everyone else is watching. It is essentially similar to the stories, but because the videos are longer than a minute the users are able to do more.

Videos on IGTV range from sports all the way to beauty. Some content includes humor, travel, or a simple life update from a celebrity; and if the user cannot find what he or she wants, they can search keywords or the handle of their favorite media personality.

Another plus to IGTV, that Instagram advertises, is that it was built for full-screen vertical video so it is easier to watch on mobile. Active “instagramers” can even create their own channel, and the app will notify their followers when a new video is uploaded. Creators can also take advantage of the fact that IGTV videos are longer than the typical seconds long-videos that frequent Insta feeds.

Social media platforms have already taken advantage of IGTV, and have begun to record daily episodes for their followers. Kim Kardashian has started uploading tutorial videos of her most iconic makeup looks from the past year, and her devoted fans can leave comments, likes, or even share the episode with others.

IGTV has transformed Instagram into a more proficient app for the people. With a huge following already, IGTV is bound to make Instagram stick around awhile longer.