Shopping Tips

Image Source: freepik

For all the other shopaholics out there, I know you’re always looking for ways to save money or to best capitalize on your purchases. Here are a few personal things I do as a frequent shopper:

Shopping Email Create an email solely for awards programs that different stores have so your usual email isn’t overloaded with ads and deals. This way you can stay organized with all your stores and never miss out on a deal!

Buy Second-hand I know you have all heard this a million times, but trust me, buying second-hand has been amazing for me. Whenever I want an item that is somewhat expensive, I always look for it online first to see if anyone is selling it used. You would be surprised at the amount of items that are in great to perfect condition. Depop, Poshmark, Mercari, and Grailed are some good places to look around. 

Looking at Options You have more options than you think you have; many articles of clothing or shoes that are popular are sold everywhere from a range of prices. Unless you’re strictly a name brand person, look at products that are similar to the one you want from other storesyou’d be surprised how much you can get ripped off.

Value You should always determine the value of the things you wish to buy before purchasing them. For example, if you really want that expensive pair of heels but know you’ll probably never wear them, don’t get them. On the other hand, if you find a product that can be a staple in many of your outfits and find that you don’t have something like it, it’s probably a valuable purchase for you and your wardrobe.

Remember that you use your voice while shopping from different brands, so be sure to do your research as well. I hope these tips help, and happy shopping!