Review: The Last Supper

Image Source: The Oprah Magazine

“Last Supper” is D Smoke’s final song that secured his win on Rhythm + Flow. Rhythm + Flow is the first hip-hop talent show on this large of a scale; it is co-hosted by Cardi B, T.I., and Chance the Rapper. D Smoke was one of the trio’s initial picks from Los Angeles. After going through several rounds, including the cipher and music video, D Smoke has shown maturity through his lyrics. He speaks about violence in his hometown of Inglewood and integrates Spanish in his songs. Funnily enough, D Smoke was initially a teacher. His success as a rapper all while being a teacher goes to prove that dedication and hard work can help you achieve your dreams. 

“Last Supper” begins with a very intense beat, setting a hype tone to the whole song. He has several references within the song, including how he is trying to be Stan Lee. The song’s production then changes to a choir harmonizing “ooh’s” during the bridge. As the chorus approaches, it changes back to the same intense beat. “Last Supper” is one of the best songs of the entire show, if not the best. D Smoke was able to wittingly integrate the biblical story of the Last Supper, where Jesus predicts he would be betrayed by one of his disciples and was then betrayed. D Smoke relates this to life by saying that a friend could easily betray you at any given moment. 

“Last Supper” has been one of my favorite songs in a really long time. I highly recommend everyone to listen to it. It has meaningful lyrics and great production, ensuring that you will probably be bumping in no time.