Home Decor: the Basics

Image source: Fiona Delaney

When you’re moving into your new living space, one of the most exciting things you can do is buy new home decor. The following are some basic ideas that might help you think about what kind of decorations you want in your home.

String Lights

You may think that string lights are basic, but they can add a nice touch to a room if you feel it’s a little empty or simply not bright enough to your liking. Whether you want small lights, bulb lights, or fun shaped lights, there are tons of places where you can find them. My living area in my apartment was a little dull and the lighting wasn’t fantastic either, so I bought a simple set of bulb string lights from target for $12, and I love them.


Another piece of decor that many of my friends have are small plants, such as succulents. Whether it’s fake or real, a plant can liven up a space just by being a pleasant accent of color in a room. You can find fake succulents for $10 or less at Target or even real ones at a local farmer’s market and sometimes at regular markets as well. Plus, they’re fun to name.


Mirrors can also be a neat decoration. Although they can get a little pricey, if you use them every day, they’re worth it! Larger mirrors can make a room feel more spacious and small ones are fun decorations that are also useful. Lots of websites have cute decorative mirrors that you can hang on your wall or put on your desk, such as Urban outfitters.

And… Whatever Else You Like

If these ideas didn’t seem to spark any interest, something else I would suggest doing is going to a local Target or Ikea store and walking around to see what you like. Simply peruse the isles and see what inspires you. Browsing on the website is fine too, but going in person can give you a better feel for the products and how they will look in your home.