Halloween for the Halloween-Less

Image Source: Rebecca Giansante

Despite being in college, a lot of us don’t have plans on Halloween. No parties, no scarfing down candy, no costumes, and especially no trick-or-treating.

It can get kind of disappointing and disheartening, remembering being a little kid and going trick-or-treating, and now being an adult with academic papers and classes instead of parties to attend. It doesn’t have to be one-note, you can still get into the spirit a little bit by doing some small things on your own, and I’m not talking about a Halloween movie marathon.

For one thing, just decorate!  Even if it’s just your bedroom at home, buy a little pumpkin and put it on the bookshelf, hang up some colored lights, or maybe put a stuffed animal like a black cat somewhere. Get some inexpensive costume items or accessories and display them, even if it’s a cheap plastic machete in a corner. You don’t have to go all out, but just one cheap witch’s hat on a shelf can change the mood a bit.

Accessorize. You don’t have to wear an entire costume to get in the spirit. I own a cape from a magician’s costume my mom made me that I wear just around the house while still in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Skull jewelry, pumpkin jewelry, and a little bit of makeup, even on your own, can make things a little more fun.

Go for a stroll through the neighborhood in the evening (but take someone with you), if you live at home or on campus, and look at the local decorations, both in residential areas and stores. If you don’t have someone you can take with you, driving around while playing Halloween music works as well.

A Halloween alone doesn’t have to lack the “spookiness” and the overall mood of Halloween.  You can make it a nice Halloween with a few treats from yourself, and avoid the tricks.