Review: Hot Fuzz

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Two missing swans, five covered up murders, one bad cop, and one slightly worse cop who decided to tag along, and a whole bunch of European nonsense, such is the way of the brilliantly hilarious, cinematic masterpiece Hot Fuzz.

The film follows a hardened London city cop, Nicholas Angel Simon Pegg), who is suddenly transferred to a seemingly  idyllic, small town in the middle of the countryside–i.e. the middle of nowhere. While Angel doesn’t expect much action heading in, a series of sinister murders soon scatter the little town and a classic cult-meets-murder-mystery-meets-buddy-cop story is born.

I’m usually not a fan of cop movies–after Rush Hour came out, everything else in my life has been a major disappointment–however Hot Fuzz changed this thinking. This 2007 lost gem combines mystery, comedy, and horror into two jam-packed hours of cinematic genius. The film also features beautiful cinematography that adds to the its elements of suspense and horror. 

So if you’re looking for a British action movie with a bit heavier subject matter than usual, Hot Fuzz might just be your cup of tea.

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