Multiple Uses for Maxi Skirts

Who doesn’t love a cute maxi skirt? They are a favorite of mine since they can be dressed up or down, and are extremely comfortable! A maxi skirt can be worn different ways, and there are so many styles of maxi skirts to wear to many different types of events.

The first picture that I included with the lace maxi skirt is an example of an outfit for a party, or a fun night out.

Forever 21

This second example is of a bohemian look made using a floral maxi skirt, completed with a maroon choker.

Forever 21

I would dress a maxi skirt up by adding heels or high boots, a leather jacket, and accessories such as hooped earrings and a choker. I would dress a maxi skirt down by pairing it with sandals, sneakers, and a jean jacket.