Reminders for Absentee Ballots

Image Source: hanhaywood – Instagram

This year’s election process has been hectic, stressful, and honestly just crazy. But, having your voice heard is so important, and this privilege shouldn’t be taken lightly. For many people who are unable to go to the polls because of the pandemic or students who are at college and away from home, an absentee ballot is their best option for voting. Here are some reminders about voting in these forms:

Look up your turn-in deadline. Deadlines vary from state to state, so be sure to check on your state site or here to see when you need to get your absentee ballots in. Remember, these deadlines can differ if you are mailing the ballots in or just dropping them off at a polling station. If you have yet to request for an absentee ballot, you can also see when the deadline is to do that in the link above.

See where and when you should send in/drop off your ballots. Many sources claim that if you’re mailing your absentee ballot, you should try to do it two weeks before the election, or on October 20. As for dropping them off, some states have drop boxes for ballots, or you can deliver them to polling places; just be sure to look on your state government website.

Be sure to fill out everything correctly. There are mistakes you can make while filling out your ballot, such as forgetting to sign the envelope. Be sure to read ALL the directions; for instance, it might say that you can only use black or blue ink to fill out the ballot. You can read here for more mistakes to look out for.

So, everyone, no excuses! Go vote!