Homemade Fall Snacks

Image Source: Pixabay

Has the fall season enticed your snack cravings? Whether you are keeping up with your schedule or taking time to enjoy the season, here are a few suggestions for quick, fall-themed snacks to make in a pinch. 

  1. Choose from popcorn, banana chips, pumpkin seeds, candy corn or dried fruit to make an autumn trail mix!
  2. Do you love caramel apples? At the beginning of the week, dip apple slices in melted caramel and store in your fridge (sealed in a container, bag or plastic wrap) to enjoy for up to five days. 
  3. Replicate your favorite Starbucks frappe at home by using milk, ice, and xantham gum, gelatine or Jell-o powder to create a thicker texture. Then, add your desired flavoring, and optional espresso shots. For more details and substitution options, check out Delishably’s article, written by an experienced Starbucks barista.
  4. Combine basil, thyme and nuts with popcorn for a healthy snack. 
  5. Enjoy fresh fall fruits by making a smoothie with a combination of apples, peaches, plums pears, oranges or berries. Try apples, peaches, berries and granola for a refreshing taste.
  6. Add a little spice to your breakfast by sprinkling cinnamon on your cereal, oatmeal, tortilla or a buttered piece of toast.
  7. Exchange chocolate with a healthy drizzle of caramel while making s’mores for a light and crispy treat!

Lastly, get creative! Play around with your kitchen, and share your delicious explorations with your friends.