How Do You Study Best?

Image source: College Atlas

There are plenty of resources out there suggesting ways you can become a better student–but how you use those resources depends majorly on what kind of student you are already. It’s important to have learn new study habits, but in order to do so, you must first know yourself and figure out what specifically helps you study.

Here are some things to consider when studying:

1) Where is the best place for you to study? Do you work better at the public library? In your own room? At school? Inside or outside? This is the first step to ensuring you establish good study habits.

2) What is the best environment for you? Do you work better listening to music, or in silence? Do you work well with friends, or by yourself?

3) How much time do you need to study? If you have an upcoming test, how long should you give yourself to study? Do you work better studying for 15 minutes each day? Do you work better studying for an hour every other day?

The key to good study habits is to understand yourself, how your brain works, and how you retain information the best.