Essential Study Tips

Image source: Jillian Murray

When it’s time to open the book and pull out the highlighter, studying can seem intimidating. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, there are many ways to take on studying with confidence!

First things first, always have your body fueled! Eat some protein that will give you the energy to focus on whatever task you may be facing. Whether you’re planning on making flash cards, reviewing a Quizlet, or simply going over your chapter notes, make sure you have eaten! I know this can go without saying, but having a meal before studying helps me more than anything. I feel less distracted as I highlight my notes. I recommend a nice grilled chicken salad or a hearty sandwich, as those are my favorites!

Another tip for mastering good study habits is time management. Give yourself at least three days to work on whatever assignment, quiz, or test you are preparing for. Set aside a planner and create time slots throughout the day that you will dedicate to studying. This will give you the ability to take in more information without feeling overwhelmed and pressured to “memorize” everything the night before.

Which leads me into my next trick: put everything into your own words! Memorizing is like entering a danger zone. You can easily forget something you tried to memorize. However, when you fully understand the material and have processed the information in your own words, you are more likely to do remember it in the long term.

My last tip is having background study music. On YouTube, there is a soundtrack of “Instrumental Disney Music.” This has helped me tremendously when I am studying! I recommend having the music on at a low volume level. By doing this, you can stay focused and actually enjoy studying at the same time!

With these few tricks, you will crush studying and feel more confident with your work ahead. They have helped me throughout high school and the majority of my college years.

Now, good luck and get to work!