How to Ace Your Finals This Season

Image source: The Best Colleges

If you’re like me, studying can be a drag, and oftentimes, it’s difficult to bring yourself to do it. With finals season approaching, here are some tips that can help maximize the efficiency of your study sessions and make them feel less tedious.

Do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate!

As a college student, I know how tempting it is to give into procrastination. But more times than not, I’ve found myself becoming much too stressed out about things that could have easily been done ahead of time. I suggest studying for exams days in advance, devoting each day to a different chapter or concept. That way, if you’re still stuck and need help, you have time to reach out to teachers or classmates and truly understand the material!

Follow the 30:5 rule.

The basic idea behind the rule is that for each 30 minutes you spend studying, you get a five-minute break. You don’t have to follow these exact time constraints, though. If you can productively study for a longer period of time or if you need shorter intervals, feel free to change it up, depending on your preferences. Either way, it’s beneficial to include some kind of a break in your study session so that you can physically get up and stretch or listen to a song or two. Doing so will clear up your mind and allow you to return to your work with fresh eyes.

Figure out if you’re more of a digital or traditional person.

This idea was something I didn’t deeply consider before, but it has since changed the way I study. Although using my laptop to type up my notes is extremely convenient and much faster than handwriting them, I realized that it’s much harder for me to absorb material through a screen. So, I developed a habit of rewriting things that were difficult for me to understand onto paper, using colored pens to emphasize key concepts I needed to know. Once you figure out what the best way for you to study and retain information is, you’ll be able to spend less time studying and get better results.

Reward yourself for studying.

Studying doesn’t have to be painful! Giving yourself some kind of reward, such as a yummy snack, will motivate you to get through it. Basically, studying well gives you good grades and a perfectly good excuse to munch on those cookies you just bought. After all this, maybe your finals won’t seem so bad after all.