My App Essentials

Technology is present in many aspects of our lives, and people have different preferences for the gadgets, apps, or services that they like to use. From gaming apps to photography apps, from health apps to cooking apps, there’s an app for almost everyone. Here are a few of my favorite apps:


  1. Afterlight
Image Source: Sami Iyengar

If you’re interested in photography, you’ll love this. With various filters to choose from, as well as features that allow you to not only edit the saturation and lighting of your photo but also angle the picture differently, aspiring photographers will enjoy being able to improve their shots with this app.

  1. Charades

This game is fun to play with a group of friends. After choosing a category, one person holds the phone up to their forehead, not being able to see what’s on the screen, while everyone else has to describe the object without saying the name of the object. Once the person holding the phone is able to guess what the object is, they get a point. If you’re ever bored on a long car ride or at a party, this game is an essential.


  1. Starbucks
Image Source: Sami Iyengar

This app is a must-have for coffee lovers. With the Starbucks app, you can load money into your account and pay directly with your phone at the counter. You can also skip the line at the store by ordering your drinks ahead of time. The Starbucks app posts fun drink challenges that end in rewards like discounts; best of all, once you’ve gained 125 stars on the app, you can get any item on the menu for free!

Technology is everywhere nowadays, and I find that these apps help to make my daily life not only easier, but also more fun. I hope these apps were helpful for you!