Technology Made Simple

Image Source: Jasmine Liu

The technology world is no doubt the fastest growing industry in the world. One minute the iPhone X is coming out and the next, the iPhone 29304 is being introduced. Everywhere you turn, there’s the next new gadget.

I often find it a little difficult to keep up with all the high tech inventions so I try to keep it simple. I’ve got my iPhone 8, 2013 MacBook Air and that’s all I really need. I love both because they are literally connected. I can reach my friends via text on my laptop and on my phone. They are a MUST for school. I basically have every week planned out on my phone calendar.

I hate to say I rely on my laptop and phone but to be honest, it’s the truth. However, I always make sure to unplug and digitally detox if I know I’m being a little too obsessive about all my things. Technology really does make life easier but it’s important to take a break from it often to truly enjoy life.