The Only Summer Essential You Need

Image Source: Jasmine Liu

The idea of summer is beyond brilliant. Whether you’re in school or not, it’s a time for you to kick down a couple walls and broaden your horizons. It offers an opportunity for more time spent outside, more time spent with loved ones, an, a time to reflect and set goals.

Whether the goal is getting tan or doing well in an internship, the right mindset is so important.

An essential I’ve always had for summer is to be present. It’s simple, yet quite difficult I must admit. I find that some days I’m worried about what the school year will bring or even what my work schedule might be next week. I find that when you are living in the moment, you will feel more spontaneous and eager to do something adventurous.

Instead of huddling in my sheltered bedroom watching Netflix, I’ll opt to go on a hike or a picnic because I am thinking about today. Ask yourself “What shall I do today?”. Don’t ask “What should I do tomorrow/next week/2 weeks from now?” When you just pay attention to your present surroundings and what you want to do, you’ll automatically want to live your best life.

So go out there, and dance with the flowers!

Image Source: Jasmine Liu