Minimal Jewelry

I have always preferred minimal jewelry over statement pieces, especially in recent years because of rapidly changing fashion trends. 

There are pieces of jewelry I have had for years that still work well for me in whatever look I am going for that day. Here are a couple of my favorite jewelry pieces and how I wear them.

Chokers are by far my most worn piece of jewelry. I probably own about ten to fifteen of them. 

My favorite chokers are black ribbon and delicate lace. They are small, sweet, and complement any outfit. 

Photo from Amazon

I especially love wearing wide chokers with baby doll dresses or low-cut camisoles. They accentuate your collar bones and give you an elegant silhouette. 

I love that I can forget I’m wearing one because it doesn’t hang down in the way. 

My advice is to get a wide variety of colors and styles, as they are usually cheap and accessible, and to have fun mixing them in with your everyday outfits. You can even combine chokers and slightly longer chains for a layered, stylish look.

Photo from Target

Pearls are definitely my go-to for any kind of decade throwback outfit or general party choice. They don’t have to be real, though I’m excited to save up for a real string of them in the future! 

I have a single pearl necklace I wear nearly every day, as its opaque beauty makes me feel sophisticated and elegant. For strings, you can buy fairly high-quality dupes from costume jewelry stores. 

I like wearing longer strings that you can knot at the base for a 1920s feel. Just wearing a string of pearls with a simple tank top and jeans can give you an extra bit of flair.

Photo from Etsy

I have always been partial to graphic jewelry, which is jewelry with little images or designs on them. I love cameos, animal silhouettes, or old-timey pieces like cameras or typewriters, usually in pendant form. 

Graphic jewelry is fun and funky, and there are tons of independent artists you can buy from on Etsy. It is so whimsical that people will constantly ask you where you got it! 

Graphic jewelry is a great way to add a little personalization to a simple outfit or fun party dress.