Jewelry: My Personal Favorites

Jewelry is by far my favorite accessory because of how easily it can pull an outfit together. 

Adding jewelry to an outfit is rather simple, especially since we all have our go-to’s, and says that you put a little more thought and effort into the outfit. 

My favorite earrings are my medium-sized silver hoops. These earrings dress up my outfits and make me feel confident and invincible.

Photo from Amazon

They are easy to style as they go with almost everything. However, you have to be careful that the earrings do not take attention away from your top or dress. 

The biggest danger with hoop earrings lies in the possibility of something getting stuck in them and tearing your ear. To avoid this from happening I recommend buying hoop earrings with a closing mechanism that opens easily when the earring is pulled.

Hoops also come in several sizes and depending on the flamboyance you are going for a different size will be appropriate. 

Personally, I pretty much only wear medium-sized hoops as I find that they fit most of my outfits and my general style.

Photo from Solene Trahand

My all-time favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet that I never take off, given to me by a dear friend. Its sentimental value aside, this bracelet is the perfect add on to every outfit. 

It is dainty, small, and discrete, and never pulls attention away from my outfit. 

The black and silver go with everything. It can pair with a casual t-shirt and jeans or a dressed-up outfit such as work clothes or an evening gown. 

This kind of bracelet will rest elegantly on your wrist, never looking out of place.

Of course, jewelry also comes in gold. Usually gold or silver complement a person better depending on their skin tone.

No matter the material, these pieces of jewelry will make your outfit look complete. Jewelry is the extra touch of care to your outfit that makes a difference.