My Cinematic Fashion Idols

During this extended time in quarantine, I’ve revisited a lot of movies I’ve loved over the years. 

During these viewings, I’ve gotten quite a bit of inspiration from some of my favorite cinematic fashion icons. I’d love to share a few of my on-screen fashionistas and how their style has influenced mine!

Photo from Refinery29

First off, there isn’t a way I can assemble a list like this without mentioning my girl Cher from Clueless

The 1990’s fashion-chic Cher introduced a new generation of young people to bright plaids, bodycon dresses, and sparkling Hollywood flairs like diamonds and feather boas. 

Her outfit range from academic blazers and skirt combos to everyday jeans and crop tops have solidified that you don’t need a glammed up look to feel confident. 

Personally, my current style has been heavily influenced by nineties flicks in general, with Cher taking the number one spot for inspiration.

Photo from InStyle

Following the nineties camp trend, a darker side of my style borrows from Nancy from The Craft. The nineties teen horror flick introduced a newer, more modern twist to goths and punks. 

Modern-day e-girl fashion and circa-2005 scene queens owe a debt to Nancy and the other fashionable witches. 

This movie helped solidify my love of heavy eyeliner, dark lipstick, and black layering. A pair of heavy boots with a black mini skirt will always make one feel magical.

Photo from wheretoget

Getting a bit more modern-day, another style icon I still add to my Pinterest boards is Lena from Beautiful Creatures. Definitely a lesser-known movie, this adaptation of the supernatural young adult novel is a fantastic blend of modern and Southern gothic.

Lena wears funky, boho layers at the beginning, then evolves into Victorian dresses and black corsets by the end. She journeys from being a scared little girl to a powerful magical force through fantastic costume changes. 

Southern Gothic is an incredible blend of dark and earth tones, unique jewelry, and mixing different time periods together. 

Personally, as an avid fan of both young adult fiction and edgy fashion choices, this film will always be an inspiration to my wardrobe.