Live Your Pirate Dream in Sea of Thieves

Image Source: Sea of Thieves (Twitter)

Set in a beautifully rendered fantasy version of the Caribbean, Rare’s action-adventure game Sea of Thieves gives players the chance to become swashbuckling pirates hunting for buried treasure.

The number of players in a “crew” determines the side of the ship: single players receive small yet faster dinghies, while full crews of four find themselves aboard a magnificent galleon equipped with cannons and a brig. The crews embark on various voyages and adventures, following maps and solving riddles to unearth buried treasure. The seas themselves are filled with treacherous monsters, roaming skeleton soldiers, and violent storms, all of which add new obstacles to a player’s quest.

However, the game is far from flawless. Though the developers are consistently adding new content to the game, the quests start becoming repetitive, and the exorbitant prices for cosmetic items like eyepatches and coats unfortunately means that players must grind for endless in-game hours to receive reward. But perhaps most annoying are other crews; Sea of Thieves is a “shared” world game, which means that players will often encounter others in their seafaring exploits. While this itself is not bad, the game currently has no mechanics to prevent malicious crews—often with much larger ships—from camping outposts and terrorizing small groups.

Nevertheless, Sea of Thieves is a joy to experience, especially alongside a crew of your good friends.

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