Why You Should Be Listening to Apple Music Right Now

Image Source: iTunes

Everyone has their own style and taste when it comes to music. Whether you’re into the
newest pop or only listen to classic rock, we all need ways to find new music. I personally love
Apple Music because is has music for everyone. No matter what your style is, Apple
Music has every song ever. It has even more options than Spotify because some artists do
not sell their rights to Spotify, but every artist wants to be on iTunes. There are also all
types of playlists that Apple Music puts together for you depending on previous songs you’ve
listened to. It recommends new music based on your taste and is constantly featuring new
artists in the “Artist Spotlight”. I love the “Artist Spotlight” because it introduces me to singers
that I would not find on my own.

Apple Music is also great because it has so many premade playlists. I make playlists
with my favorite songs so they’re all in the same place, but if I want to branch out and listen to
new music it’s nice to have a premade playlist. You can search for songs depending on your
mood or what you’re doing. I have found great study playlists (“Study Beats”), playlists for
lounging by the pool (“Beach Waves”) and playlists to pump me up (“Get Hype!”). No matter
what your mood, I promise you will be able to find a unique playlist with the perfect music for

There are so many great music apps out there, but I like to stick with the tried and true classic
iTunes on Apple Music because of its wide variety and constantly updated selection of
music. Whether I am looking for new music or want to hear all of my favorites, Apple Music
has me covered.