How to Unwind and Relax at Night

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It’s important to have a simple nighttime routine to help you unwind after a long day. Read on to see which simple steps you can incorporate into your routine to help you relax before bed.

1. Skincare Routine

One of the first steps in my nighttime routine is skincare. After showering and brushing my teeth, I make sure to apply my serums and moisturizers, so my skin can look refreshed in the morning.

2. Listen to Music

After that, it’s time to put on some soft music to get myself into the right headspace.

3. Light a Candle

I love dimming the lights and lighting a candle or two, especially one that has a comforting scent.

4. Write Down Tomorrow’s To-Do List

I find that I’m more productive when I plan out tomorrow ahead of time. This keeps me organized and also gives me a sense of what I need to accomplish the next day, so I can sleep earlier if I’m going to have more tasks to complete.

5. Journal

I like to journal before I get ready for bed because it helps me wind down and reflect.

6. Read

I used to like scrolling through my phone before bed, but all of the blue light from my phone made me a fidgety sleeper. These days, I usually reach for a book instead. Even if it’s just a few pages, I find that reading helps to calm me, and I fall asleep much easier too.

How do you unwind and relax at night?