Halloween: A Chance to Turn a New Leaf

Image source: Jasmine Liu

There are not many chances in life to switch things up, especially as we get older. But Halloween is that one day people can be anything they desire. From blood-sucking vampires to sparkling fairies, the fun is in deciding what to be.   The best part about Halloween besides the candy is the spirit of it. Whether you’re cozied up with a spooky film or going to a Halloween party, your inner child is set free amongst the ghouls and ghosts.

Even as you scarf down candy apples and scream trick or treat, though, Halloween is a chance to say goodbye to the spookiness of negativity. It may be cheesy but as November rolls in, we’re reminded that there is warmth amongst the chilliness of fall transitioning into winter. As we head into the holiday season, we should try and let go of the negativity and buildup we may have let surpass us for far too long in our busy fall. So letting go of negative people, taking unnecessary pressure off, and truly enjoying life is the leaf that everyone should turn to this spooky season. Jingle bells and pie are waiting for us for the rest of the year. Soak it all up!