Blue Bowl

Image source: Lexi Freund

Blue Bowl Superfoods is a hidden gem to the rest of the world, but to the residents of Orange County it’s just a gem. Blue Bowl, as it’s more commonly known, specializes in build-your-own bowls, offering a variety of choices. The bases range from açaí to matcha to a specialty blue-colored chia pudding. Toppings include fresh fruit, granola, nut-butters, honeys, and more. 

Image Source: Lexi Freund

The employees call out a friendly, “welcome!” upon entering the compact, bright store. There are aesthetic food photographs on the walls and a few high wooden tables with stools. They take their craft seriously: they decorate each bowl artistically, arranging the fruits in perfect circles, so that they are Instagram ready by checkout. 

Pro Tip: after paying, enter your phone number onto the credit card reader. You get a point per dollar spent, and once you reach 100 points you’ll get a bowl free of charge.

Image Source: Lexi Freund

Blue Bowl has become so popular, snagging one of their few reserved parking spaces used to be a gamble. While still limited, the owners realized the demand outweighed the supply, and there are now more parking spaces in front by the store in addition to the ones in the back lot.

The best part about Blue Bowl is that prices are set based on the size of the bowl, so that customers can add an unlimited amount of bases and toppings for no extra charge. I’ve seen bowls overflowing with almond butter, cacao nibs, and goji berries. As opposed to other açaí chains that have a fixed menu, the customizable experience that Blue Bowl offers ensures everyone can get what they want.

Image Source: Lexi Freund