Being Mindful of School-related Stress

Image source: BlogDailyHerald

School stress is different for everyone. Some can handle it well while others feel like their world is collapsing. It’s okay to be either person. The important thing is to be mindful that everyone has their own unique experiences with stress.

I have been made fun of for being stressed about school; some people say I take it way too seriously while others say that I’m a try-hard who worries too much about grades–which is why I urge you to consider why someone may stress about school the way they do before saying something.

The pressure to do well can cause a lot of stress, whether you’re in high school trying to get into your dream college, in a strict household under familial pressures, trying to keep or earn a scholarship, applying for grad school, or even just wanting to do well for yourself. Stress from other factors besides getting good grades can come from general school-related anxiety and mental differences as well. Instead of making fun of people who are stressed, make sure they’re okay.

If you see someone stressing about school to the point where it seems like it’s affecting their health, this is the time to say something. Don’t just tell them not to stress about it, but rather, tell them to talk about it with someone. Suggest talking with their parents or guardians, a school counselor, or even a therapist. It’s important for every student to ensure that their health and happiness comes first, otherwise, they’ll probably just be more stressed out. It’s okay if you feel that school stress is eating away at you; it happens to a lot of people, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just make sure you do something about it so that you can continue to thrive in your studies.

However, this advice can go the other way too. Just because someone isn’t stressed out about an assignment and you are doesn’t mean you should single them out for it. I have seen a lot of people guilt others for not worrying about school enough. Don’t be that person; if they have it figured out, just be happy for them. Now, if they’re failing out of school, that’s a completely different story, and one I won’t get into.

The bottom line is to be mindful and respectful of school-related stress, for both the well beings of yourself and others.