Get Your Red White and Blue On

The long awaited summer holiday filled with good food, friends and American pride is finally
here. That’s right, check your calendars because the Fourth of July is upon us!
So get ready to eat, drink and appreciate the wonderful land of the free. To help get you
prepared, I have some fun ideas so you can get your red, white and blue on.

Image Source: Pinterest

As far as food goes, obviously you’re going to enjoy a classic burger and maybe a hot dog- as
you should! I really do recommend grilling some of your favorite foods because not only is it a
great activity, but it’s a fun way to bring people together and socialize. For dessert you should
have something nice and refreshing, like a frozen banana! If you’ve never had a chocolate
covered frozen banana, you’re missing out and definitely need these at your fourth party.
They are so easy to make and very fun to decorate. You can make these fun treats
beforehand, but I recommend freezing peeled bananas the night before and decorating them
during your party. This provides a fun activity during your party, especially for any younger
kids. Plus, once you’ve finished everyone gets to enjoy their own tasty creation.

Image Source: Genius Kitchen

With all of the food you’ll be eating it’s important to have some refreshing drinks. I love making
fresh watermelon juice during the summer, and I think it’s the perfect drink for the Fourth of
July. All you need to do is mix up a watermelon with some ice in the blender. The more ice
you add, the slushier it will be. Then add lime juice, agave and mint to taste. The mixture of
watermelon, lime and mint is so refreshing and pairs well with some barbecued meats. I
promise you’ll be inhaling these on a hot day like the fourth.

Remember, no matter what you eat or drink, make sure to enjoy quality time with your friends
and family and appreciate the fireworks around you!