Don’t Stop Moving!

Image Source: Wingkiu Leung

Nowadays, the importance of physical health is echoed in all corners of society. Many
people are becoming aware of the benefits of exercise, and begin to prioritise their health over
other things. An increasing number of Youtubers, social media celebrities, and fitness guru’s are
trying to promote healthy lifestyles, and the effects of this “health revolution” are certainly evident.
Summer is a perfect opportunity to try out different forms of exercise, whether it be a new sport or simply a new workout routine. I would like to recognise a few of my favourite ways of keeping fit throughout the summer.

Working out (anywhere!)

The beauty of a good workout session is that you can do it literally anywhere. I have
worked out in places ranging from a traditional gym setting to the floor of my bedroom to the
lobby of a hotel. Guess what; they work all the same! All you really need is an effective yet simple
workout routine. A personal favourite of mine is a mashup of Alexis Ren’s ab workout and Romee
Strijd’s glute workout, both of which can be found on Youtube. The only equipment required for it
is a yoga mat and a resistance band, and it is extremely efficient space wise. If I have access to a
gym, I like to include some cardio on the treadmill. Maintaining a consistent workout routine is
difficult, but necessary and completely doable!

Image Source: YouTube


For the past 9 years, I have been an avid tennis player. In my high school career, my love
for the sport as a whole has only grown as I got the chance to participate in more tournaments
and games. The educational system in many countries stress the importance of finding passion in
a sport, and I strongly believe that it is a great way to keep fit during the summer! Although I will
be on a busy travel schedule for the next two months, I will definitely bring a tennis racket along
just in case I happen to find a tennis court!

Just because school’s out does not mean the exercise should come to a stop. Remember to keep moving!