Summer Sizzle


This type of exercise does not require any equipment, just your legs! I prefer to walk over run because it is less painful and more fun. You can get this workout in at any time of day and any place! It is great for boosting your metabolism and waking you up. I like to take morning walks to get fresh air and energy to start the day.

Image Source: Rachel Hardwick


This ancient practice is becoming increasingly popular. It involves both the body and mind. The exercise is great for building strength, improving balance, and de-stressing. I like to try and do at least 10 minutes of yoga every day to warm up. Sometimes it can be difficult to get yoga in, but as long as you have a mat you can do it in your living room or even outside!


An alternative mode of transportation and an effective way to exercise. With summer weather, comes great bikeability. Depending on where you live, biking spots vary. But most places should have designated bike trails, bike lanes, or sidewalks. While biking is fun, it is important to be safe, especially if sharing the road. Be sure to wear a helmet if necessary and stay on the correct side of the road.


A great cardio exercise. It can be at the pool, a lake, or the beach. What I like to do, is tread water for five minutes. This can be challenging, but becomes easier the more you practice. You can also dive and do exercises like the front stroke you are a more experienced swimmer.

Image Source: Rachel Hardwick


A great way to immerse yourself in nature and burn calories. State and National Parks have an abundance of hiking trails to utilize and enjoy. I like to go with friends or family if possible, to make the experience even better.

Image Source: Rachel Hardwick