Crocs: The Never-Ending In-style Shoe

They’re chunky, trendy, and could be sitting in your closet. 

Crocs have been around since 2001 when Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedecker Jr. founded the shoe, according to a FootWearNews article. To this day, Crocs remain a fashion staple with people wearing them for their comfort and unique style to casual outings, around the house, or at the pool. Croc fans can even decorate their own unique pairs with cute charms, which can be Croc-branded or off-branded. 

Image Source: Crocs

1. The Classic Croc

The “Classic Clog” is the most basic variation of the Croc, with its lightweight and water-resistant material, its ventilation ports for breathability, and its heel strap for a secure fit. The Classic Clog is offered for $49.99 in over 30 colors on Crocs’ website. 

However, for those who want a more cozy and warm shoe, Croc sells a “Fuzz-lined Croc,” such as the “Classic Lined Clog” for $59.99 in 11 different colors. This shoe provides users with a soft, fuzzy liner for cushion, comfort, and warmth. The “Furever Crush Shoe” for $79.99 features a faux-shearling liner, a collar for coziness, and a raised heel for fashionability. It’s offered in four different colors. 

Image Source: Crocs

2. Themed Crocs

For those who wish to customize their Crocs based on a specific theme, Croc sells themed packs. For example, “The Office Pack” Croc for $99.97 offers a white Croc with grey fur-lining in addition to ten charms tied to the hit sitcom, such as Jim’s “blue teapot” that he gifted to his co-worker and Pam, as well as a “Dundy” trophy that the boss Michael Scott awarded employees during his annual office Dundy Awards.   

Other themed Crocs include the “Winnie the Pooh Pack,” for $69.98 with a red Croc and character charms such as Winnie-the-Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger. Croc also offers charm packs without the shoe, such as a $19.99 “Taco Tuesday 5 Pack” with a taco and avocado charm or a $19.99 “Disney’s The Mandalorian 5 Pack” with a “This is the Way” charm and a Baby Yoda charm. 

Image Source: Slipper Sin

3. Croc Platforms, Wedges, and Heals

For those who are looking for a little more “oomph” to their Croc fit, they can purchase platform or wedged Crocs. For example, the “Women’s Classic Platform Lined Clog,”  for $69.99 adds an “elevated 1.6-inch wedge height” with a “contoured outsole” that gives the shoe “a slimmer and sleeker look,” according to Crocs’ website. Additionally, the fuzzy lining adds warmth and comfort for wearers. 

Croc even sells wedges such as the “Women’s Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge” for $54.99, which looks more like a sandal than like a classic Croc. However, this style of shoe adds some class and sophistication to a fancier look, and its straps provide security and comfort. 

Probably the funkiest and wackiest Crocs sold, not on its website, but by the company “SlippersIn” are high heel Crocs. Although they might be the ugliest and most non-fitting shoe to exist, they’re fun, different, and definitely on trend, considering they recently trended on TikTok and Balenciaga’s High Heels Crocs currently sell for $625.