Topsy-Turvy Dresses: Breathtaking or Bizarre?

Paris fashion week upended with wacky, topsy-turvy gowns: 'This is crazy!'
Image Source: New York Post

Designers Viktor & Rolf flipped the fashion world on its head with the reveal of their new topsy-turvy dresses. These attention-grabbing looks walked the runway of Paris Fashion Week, and the unique designs garnered both praise and criticism from spectators. 

The collection was a twist on the stereotypical ballgown. The first dresses on the runway were what we consider “normal” ballgowns, consisting of big tulle skirts and structured bodices. Quickly the collection shifted, and each gown became more absurd than the next. Some dresses were sideways, upside-down, next to the model, and one even looked like it was impaling her!

After the runway, the gowns rapidly made headlines, and one dress even turned into a viral meme. Seemingly everyone was talking about the dresses, and peoples’ opinions of the looks were all over the board. Some called the collection “genius” and a “fresh take on fashion.” Others weren’t so positive. Many critics questioned if they could even be classified as fashion, some calling them appalling and disgusting. 

It is doubtful that Viktor & Rolf will take the criticism to heart, as this is not the first time they have presented out-of-the-box designs. In the past, they have played with tailored suits and used wild patterns and ruffles with their looks. It’s safe to say they will continue to test the limits of fashion and keep critics and fans on their toes.