Cleanse Yourself this Spring

Image Source: Jocelyn Martinez

New beginnings are what go through my mind in the spring. Aside from your usual spring cleaning, try making some change this season and attempt a spring clean up of your life! I’m talking about removing any negative or toxic energy from your life, and doing what you can to give yourself a fresh start. 

Remove Toxic Influences

If you feel unhappy doing certain things or even being with a certain someone, work to remove these negative spheres of your life. Your life will be better without them. Never let yourself be unhappy, because it’s your life and you should try to enjoy every moment of it.


Stop overworking yourself. It’s spring, which means summer is coming around the corner and you shouldn’t let yourself get too stressed.

Go Outside

Don’t lock yourself in with this negative energy. Leave your house, talk to some friends, walk around. By staying in your dark and lonely room, you’re bound to be engulfed in the negative energy. Open the door and escape these thoughts before they can hurt you any longer.

Spring is a time of new beginnings–so begin the season with some positivity. Cleanse yourself of negative energy, do some face masks if that’s what makes you happy, and know that you’re better than all of that drama. I believe you can do it, because so can I.