Amber Eye Looks

Fall is my favorite season; leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, pumpkin spice lattes, and the holidays! During this time, I obsess over different makeup looks for different holidays. I like to save glamourous looks for the holidays, so for the other days during the season, I like to color coordinate orange eye makeup with a cozy outfit. Now don’t freak out! I know orange sounds like a scary and bright color, but it is definitely softer than you think.

Image from Pinterest

As someone who has green eyes, I think orange always compliments my eye color. If you’re not comfortable with using dark orange in your eye look, trade it for a beige or a brown-toned color. Orange is an easily blendable color for a range of eye colors.

For example, here is an orange look for brown eyes.

Image from Pinterest

This may be a brighter look, but blending to the outer corners with a clean, fluffy brush is simpler than you think. Again, instead of bright orange for a secondary color, you could substitute brown (or even grey) to create a smokey eye effect.

Image from Beauty Bakerie

One of my favorite palettes for these looks would be Beauty Bakerie’s Proof is in the Puddin palette. It contains a variety of bright oranges and browns in order to amp up or tone down your fall look for the day!