Superior Skincare Basics

I have not been shy about sharing my skincare problems in the past. Chronic hormonal acne is something that sticks around, no matter what scrub you use or how much water you drink. Having acne for ten plus years has led me down every skincare road imaginable, whether effective or not.

I have found that simpler is better–no fragrance, no Instagram packaging, and no added dyes for aesthetic value are needed–just good ingredients tailored to my (oily combination) skin type. Below is a list of products that I have used often and with better results than so many others.

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The first standby I’ve been using for the last six months and have fallen in love with is Earth to Greens Superfoods Cleanser. This is a veggie-based foaming product, with spinach extract to add some goodness to your face. This is a cleanser for very oily skin or skin with larger pores. The product lathers well and cleans deeply, without leaving residue behind. The best part? It’s only $8 at Walmart.

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I’ve gone through a plethora of moisturizers. It’s a surprisingly essential part of skincare, even for people with oily skin. If you’re like me and constantly wash your face because of acne or other skincare conditions, this can take the natural hydration out of your pores and leave it in worse shape than before. Moisturizer is essential for maintaining the protective barrier of your skin and diluting harsh products. Two moisturizers that I like are Burt’s Bees Facial Moisturizer and Versed Moisturizing Gel Cream, both available at Target for under $20. Both are made with clean ingredients and are free of unnecessary fragrances.

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Another often polarizing product is The Solution from Glossier, a chemical exfoliant that can be used once or twice a day. This is my most expensive product and I order it when my skin is going through a rough patch. The Solution burns at first but helps to smooth skin texture and remove dead skin cells gently. At $24, it’s a little pricey but the bottle lasts for several months. You can also use it every few days if you want to avoid over-exfoliation or have extra sensitive skin. 

I hope these favorites help clear up any blemishes and maintain your skin’s overall health!