All You Really Need is Earrings

Image source: Rebecca Giansante

Got a bold print top and don’t want to overdo it with accessories?  A pin on your shirt where a necklace won’t be visible? Long sleeves that would cover a bracelet?

All you need is earrings!

In fact, when it comes to accessorizing a bold or printed top, I recommend skipping necklaces and bracelets altogether.  Bring some attention to your face, and not have it fall entirely on your top.  With prints where a necklace wouldn’t be noticeable, make something else noticeable with a pair of earrings. Even if a necklace or something else would work with your outfit, hook earrings are the simplest and most fashionable accessory to add.

In terms of choosing a pair, I recommend finding one in a color that is less prominent in your outfit.  Your accessorizing won’t simply blend into the whole of the outfit, and it’ll make that lesser appearing color pop out more, complementing your outfit even more.

So, you don’t necessarily have to bling yourself up when an outfit isn’t working. Just slip on a pair of earrings and rock it!